Sunday 3 May 2020

Essensia Spa carrying BC made skincare

Our Spa is dedicated to improving the health and beauty of your skin. Our skincare line of high performing products is infused with botanicals, seaweed and plant derived proteins

Essensia Spa launches new skincare line and treatments.

now carrying beauty through balance product line.

Beauty Through Balance is a highly therapeutic spa line made locally in BC Canada. This highly natural line is comprised of precious holistic ingredients sourced from around the world including Pacific Seaweed and Canadian Glacial Clay  Both hand harvested from the Northern BC Coast.  Treatments and products are designed to treat a range of ailments and conditions while promoting wellbeing.  Formulas are free of harsh cosmetic chemicals including sulfates and parabens and each product is infused with specialized essential oil blends. Through the Beauty Through Balance spa line we offer advanced body treatments, targeted wellness facials and hand/foot care.