Saturday 23 February 2013

Whats Argan oil?

Argan oil is one of the most precious oils, a beauty secret of the Moroccan desert have known for centuries. The Argan Tree grows small fruit containing the argan seed. The Argan seed is cold pressed to release the oil. DermOrganic Skin Care certified to the highest quality standards.

DermOrganic Skin Care

So excited about this new Skincare line at Essensia Spa.
Facial Moisturizer
Sheer formula- absorbs quickly

  • Softens and improves elasticity
  • Minmizes fine lines
  • With plant-based BotaniCollagen
  • Made with Argan extract of Morocco
  • Rich in Lipids, Omega-6 and Vitamins C & E
  • With Yuzu fruit extract
  • Oil-free and fragrance-free

Yuzu Extract- rich in flavinoids, Vitamin C to help support delicate skin layers.
Plant-Based Lipids-provide natural moisture skin needs
Omega-6 & Antioxidants- protect

Essensia Spa

At Essensia Spa, you can savour a relaxing atmosphere, treatments are designed to revitalize your senses and bring your mind, body and spirit into harmony. 
Our Spa is dedicated to improving the health and beauty of your skin. Discover how great your skin can look and feel using Organic Skincare line containing Argan extract to maintain supple, radiant skin.

Relaxing HotStone Massage, Facials, Manicures and Pedicures are available at Essensia Spa
 Located at 426Davies Ave. in Salmo BC. We are street level, wheel chair accessable.
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